ECO-CB3 Anti lighting Solar PV Array Combiner Box 3 strings For Solar Energy System

Anti lighting Solar PV Array Combiner Box 3 strings For Solar Energy System

(1) meet the requirements of outdoor installation, protection class IP65, with anti-UV, anti-acid, anti-alkali, moisture, mildew, rodent control and other functions; (2) access 16-way PV array, each with 15A, 1000Vdc fuse (replaceable other grades); (3) Equipped with special high-voltage lightning protection device, lightning protection function with cathode and anode ; (4) Positive, negative string into the fuse; (5) Use quadruple PV dedicated circuit breaker with positive and negative in series;

For large-scale PV grid-connected power generation system, in order to reduce the connection between the PV module and the inverter, and to facilitate maintenance to improve reliability,it generally need to add DC busbar device between the PV module and the inverter. Our company’s PV array lightning protection combiner box is designed to meet this requirement and can be designed to a complete PV power generation system solution with PV inverter products. Using PV combiner box, the user can put certain number of same specifications PV modules into series PV module according to input DC voltage range of the inverter, and then a number of series PV modules access to the PV array lightning protection box.It’s convenient to facilitate the post-inverter through the output for lightning protection device and circuit breaker.

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