ECO Irrigation Controller with WIFI (8 Zone)


Product Description
ECO  Smart Sprinkler Controller 8 Zones Automatic Irrigation System, Built-in Non-Volatile Memory, Support Manual Mode, Seasonal Adjust and Rain Bypass, with Weatherproof Cover
ECO -SC-8W smart irrigation controller upgrades your water pipes into an intelligent automatic system, which will save you plenty of time that you would have spent watering in the past. It can control up to 8 stations and automatically start and stop irrigating at the specific time you programmed. There are no more dead plants because you forgot to water them, and no more soggy lawns because you forgot to turn the water off. Featuring multiple user-friendly functions, this smart irrigation controller is an ideal assistant to help you build a wonderful garden
Bullet points 8-ZONE SMART SPRINKLER CONTROLLER: This smart sprinkler controller is designed to control up-to-8-zone watering individually or simultaneously. Also, it supports auto watering mode and manual watering mode to suit various water needs of each zone. 4 OPTIONS OF WATERING CYCLIC DAYS: There are 4 options when determining how often the controller will water– days of the week (Mon, Tues, Wed, etc.), intervals (every “X” number of days), odd days, or even days. You could separately program a watering schedule for each zone. 6 START TIMES PER DAY SETTABLE: You could set a max of 6 start times in one day for watering on each zone, suiting the specific water needs of various growth stages of your plants. Therefore, this smart sprinkler controller could be a helpful assistant to create a beautiful garden. RAIN BYPASS & SEASONAL ADJUST: This controller features a rain bypass function, making it capable of skipping the watering schedules on rainy days to prevent overwatering. Also, it supports seasonal adjustment, which enables you to manually adjust the watering time of all zones by one key as seasons change. Both are designed to save water and provide flexibility on watering. BUILT-IN NON-VOLATILE MEMORY: A non-volatile memory is embedded in the device, which could indefinitely save all settings even after a long time of power off. Therefore, you could always count on it to implement watering on schedules. FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: This controller comes with a weatherproof cover to protect the device from dust, wind, sand, and rain, no matter indoors or outdoors. With this smart sprinkler controller, you no longer get dead plants because of overwatering or lack of water.
Main Features
* ECO smart sprinkler controller, controlling up to 8 zones of watering
* Clear LCD screen with backlight display, convenient monitoring
* 6 watering start times settable in one day, more precise watering
* 4 options of watering cyclic days, selectable and programmable
* Support auto mode watering and manual mode watering as well
* Built in non-volatile memory, to infinitely save settings even in a long time of blackout
* Support seasonal adjustment, to manually adjust water amount as seasons changing
* Support bypass rain sensors, to save water on rainy days
* Weatherproof outdoor cover, to guard the device against wind, sand, and rain, etc
* Automatic irrigation system, helping you water per zone timely and quantitatively
Product Name
ECO-SC-8W smart Sprinkler Controller
Seasonal Adjust Range
-90%~100%(per 10% as an adjustment unit)
Ambient Temperature
Room Temperature
Storage Temperature
Storage Humidity
20%~80% RH
2 Years

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