Solar Combiner Box (FUSED) IP65 1000V 2 in 2 out (1000 V 32A )


ECO_COMB-2-2-1000V  Combiner Box (FUSED) IP65 1000V 2 in 2 out (1000 V 32A )  for photovoltaic system for 2 in 2 out



A solar combiner box helps bring the output of several solar strings together. This way, people can make the most of the available solar energy and use it for residential or commercial purposes.

Each string conductor lands on the terminal of fuses, and the output of the fused inputs is brought together in a single conductor where the box is connected to the inverter. The function explained is a very basic combiner box, but when you integrate one box into the system, several features are added as per requirement.

Based on the preferences and the needs of a facility, the features are added to the box. The combiner boxes are placed between the solar inverters and modules. Hence, such boxes require little maintenance as well. Maintaining them regularly is suggested to make sure that there are no leaks. This way, loose connections will be identified before a major disruption happens.

A solar combiner box contains the following components:

DC Disconnect

Just as a DC disconnect helps the flow of direct current, a disconnector helps stop the flow of electricity. DC disconnects are switches that interrupt the flow of direct current. The major function of the disconnect switches is to shut the incoming flow of power from the solar panels. You can turn the switch off when you don’t need the power to flow from the solar system to the device. DC disconnects are referred to as PV disconnects as well.

They are either installed between the inverters or the solar panels or, in most cases, built into the inverter for maximum advantages. To protect the space in case of emergencies like fire or just something else, an AC disconnect helps do that. They are installed on the exterior wall of the home or office, just beside the electric meter, for maximum advantages.

DC Surge Protective Device

Surge protection devices are of great use, and as the name suggests, it helps protect electrical equipment in case of overvoltage. At times, lightning results in a sudden increase in the voltage, which can harm your electrical device. So to make sure that the device stays protected from all potential issues, a surge protective device is installed. Hence, you may not always know which one will be an ideal choice.

The device is designed for transient overvoltage and surge conditions. In several incidents where large surges occur, the equipment may fail then and there. Hence to protect the device’s functioning and further disruption, protective devices are installed. At times, smaller surges may occur, and the equipment also needs to be protected.

DC Fuse Holder

A fuse holder is a kind of fuse accessory that helps integrate fuses. You cannot drop them directly into the conductive paths because of their sizes and shapes. The fuse holder helps integrate fuses safely into the electrical circuits and helps ensure that the current flows through a full path.

Fuse holders are hence devices that accept incoming power and assist in carrying the power through the fuse efficiently. This way, the fuses will not stay exposed and will be covered with protective layering.



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